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Choose an innovative approach to grain boxes

Grain box specifications

• 3/16" steel floor

•58" & 66" high, 12 ga. sides and front

•8" or 10" hat long sills                                        

•3 piece or Combo gates

•3" x 3" tube crown on sides and front        

•3" x 3" tube posts on corners


Heavy Duty Bumper:

•Extra support for the platform

•Extra support for better fitting grain gates

•Lights are well protected

•Aesthetically pleasing, clean finished look


Combo End Gates:

•Creates a tight close to prevent buildup of mud

•Center door is designed to move completely out of the way for easy access

•Hinges 15 inches forward, lifting as it opens

•Gates are 12 gauges with 2 inch x 3 inch tube frame work for strength and durability  

Experience the difference

Our Knight Unified Grain Box was specifically designed to streamline and improve your grain transportation activities. With features such as solid seam welding and sloped rub rails, your payload is secure and protected from moisture. Specially contoured corners promote smoother grain flow for faster, easier emptying.

Select your lift option

To customize your Knight Unified Grain Box to meet your specific needs, we designed the system with two lift options so you could choose the one that best fits your work style. One option provides most of its lifting from the center of the box, while the other lifts from the end. Let us help you choose the right style.

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Combination end gate

Box and hoist moist

24'x8'x66" Knights UNIFIED Body

NO Endgate. Will build of choice, combo or 3-piece

Selling this 24 ft in primer: $4500.

ADD $2250. for endgate.